South Australia is remaining a for the third consecutive day of sultry heat with heat degree jumping to 40 degrees Celsius in Adelaide, which was predict to reach in the peak of the day 41C, touch 40.7C around 1:00pm, whereas Port Augusta jumped to 42.9C exactly before 3:00pm, then a powerful winds and the potentiality of dry thunderbolt pushed a serious blaze risk cautioning and a complete fire prohibits in all regions of the state exclude the Riverland, the North East and North West Pastoral regions. Bureau of Meteorology inform that sections of the state would expose for a hot temperatures and winds came from north, and also there would be rest from the heat in the night with south-westerly winds carrying a cool variation at midnight and the possibility for a thunderstorm, and by the first hours of Sunday morning we should feel kind of that cooler air begin to get through then the morning temperature for Sunday minimum around 20 degrees. (Adelaide) is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and in the fifth level by most crowded city of Australia. In June 2014, Adelaide had approximated resident population of 1.31 million. South Australia, with a complete of 1.7 million citizens, has the most centralized population of other state in Australia, with over than 75 percent of its people living in greater Adelaide, while the other population centres in the state are comparatively small.

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