Australian women exceeding Australian men in sport side

According to report from the Australian Sports Commission, Australian women are exceeding men when it comes to keeping active, around fifty-seven per cent for men and by other hands Australian women are exercising at least three times a week with Sixty-one per cent, in time the curve was consistent in each state and territory, with the huge difference in Queensland. The Australian Sports Commission reported that the gender divide partially came down to the various motivations men and women have in working out, indeed health and fitness is the first motivation for anybody playing sport or doing physical actions, simply when you focus at female, it’s concerns the benefits they earn from health and fitness – mental health, and they consider it as a point of maybe reducing weight, or at least keeping their health balanced, but for men, it’s great deal around joy and pleasure and as well the social way of looking. Western Australia is the number two of most active with 60 per cent, while the Northern Territory is in the bottom of the list with activation around 53 per cent.

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