Crooked by nature is never made straight by education

The prisoner Stanley Shane Connors, 22 years old who attempted to run away confinement by running from a courtroom after his parole was repealed has been sentenced to an additional six months’ jail. He was habeas before the sentence administration board at the ACT Magistrates Court building in November last year when his parole was repealed, now the ACT Magistrates Court heard after hearing he would be sent back to the custody, Connors acted out of panic and tried to escape. The court saw in the process Connors pushed corrective services officers, and furled his arm around the neck of one of the officers, then slipped from their fist by removing his T-shirt off over his head and running out into the entrance hall area where he was fixed by other two police officers, who were in court for different duties. Connors found guilty to all five charges connecting with the incident, including attempting to escape custody, blocking up public officials and assault, and also the court also heard a figure of the officers faced minor injuries due to the runaway attempt.

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