In Casuarina Beach in Darwin a crocodile has been noticed

A crocodile has been noticed swimming in the waves at one of Darwin’s extreme popular beaches, the place people repeatedly surf and promenade with their dogs. The authority announced that they were just walking up, taking their dogs for an afternoon walk, that they have been doing for quite a while, and they just turned around and headed back to the vehicle and came close different couple with a dog that just announced they had noticed a small size crocodile. they stood and looked for around 20 minutes and after that it was up nice and close, just having a bit of a swim, and in that time many locals surf at Casuarina Beach when the waves turn around, walk dogs in the area or ride horses through the water. Casuarina is one of the northern outskirts of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It is place of the largest shopping centre in the Northern Territory, called Casuarina Square. Casuarina is a small outskirts taking in the large shopping and business zone and the neighboring emergency service facilities and buildings.

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