1- try to run.
Some kinds of quicksand are just firm enough to allow this–if you act fast.
The impact of your feet will splash the mud away from your legs, and each foot will pull out of its hole before your legs sink too deep.
If you sink too fast to run.

2- Throw yourself flat on your back.
your body will float on the quicksand surface instead of being encased in it,
and movement will be easier.

3- get rid of extra weight.
Drop whatever you’re carrying. Take off your coat if you have time.

4- Don’t try to hold your arms up in the air.
Victims always make this mistake in films. You need the buoyancy provided by your arms.
Let them rest on the quicksand surface.

5- Shout for help.
While it is coming, lie still.

6- If help does not come.
Slowly roll your way to firm ground, or turn on to your stomach and do a slow breast stroke.

7- Make all movements slow and deliberate.
The mud must have time to flow round your body.
Panicky movements create pockets of vacuum, and these could have the effect of pulling your head under.


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