Midsummer …! Now’s the time for women to wear their prettiest clothes, their shortest skirts, their easiest hair-style, their lightest make0ups. Now’s the time to appear with a fresh, glowing skin to greet the long, midsummer days. The time for prettiness, this is the time of year  when you want to be pretty! But the gentle colours, light lipsticks and almost invisible make-ups need a perfect skin. Make sure that your skin is soft, unlined, firm and youthful. The thinner skin, Even in her late twenties, a woman may find that her skin is getting dry, lined, duller in texture. This is because as a woman grows older her skin gets thinner. And a thinner skin needs something to restore youthful life and depth, to give it the clarity and freshness that summer days’ need. By Susan Saunders.

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