It is happening again that a public bus in central of Sydney has flame up, only around more than 2 months after the bus drivers’ union called for NSW’s Transport Minister to be sacked over blaze risks on buses. Firemen inform that no one was hurt while the engine on the route 440 bus flame up on George Street close to the Central Station about 9:00pm on Thursday evening and they are almost sure that the blaze began from the bus’s engine. Some statement inform that the fire was possible to avoided, but the Government had been so slow with the action of fire extinguish systems, and in time there had been more than 38 fires on transport in NSW in a year before the Sydney Harbour Bridge blaze. George Street is a street in the Sydney central business district. It was Sydney’s original high street, and remains one of the busiest streets in the city centre. It is about 3 km long, and links many of the city’s most important buildings and precincts. There are many high get up buildings here compare of any other street in Australia. The street starts in the north end of Sydney in The Rocks, close the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and continue to the southern end of the city, close Central station and Ultimo, where it leads into Railway Square. From here Broadway is the continuation of George Street turning westwards, leading to the western suburbs as Parramatta Road.


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