Researchers in the University of Tasmania optimistic about chronic wounds Nationwide project

The nationwide project that University of Tasmania has started it give hope to the researchers to fix a multi-billion-dollar healthcare issue like the chronic wounds treating is approximated to cost the Australian healthcare system around to $3 billion every year, and researchers at the university will develop a database for the National Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre for trying to fix the exact issue. injury handling falls under different health punctuality and a reachability, centralised information would make a great difference in the limit of patient care and cost. The Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (WMI CRC) has been a catalyst for change in the wound industry since its inception in 2010. The WMI CRC is an industry led, cooperative organisation whose activities are transforming wound outcomes by addressing the key issues affecting wound healing and prevention. The WMI CRC brings together the best of industry, academia and end user organisations.

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