In our daily life, every day we find a hero with Australian flavor and every day we have a new story about courageous and self-abnegation, it is exactly what we call it ‘right person in the right place’. Sergeant Kirstina Jamieson, Officer Zachary Rolfe and Michael Priestley, reached on the Hugh River, around 30 kilometres west of Alice Springs, around 1:00pm on Tuesday and found a man hanging on a very short tree … his feet were in the water, and in the same place his rented four-wheel-drive had sunk, the river at the exact spot was nearly 150 to 200 metres wide, and it was kind of raging, then in this critical point a brave decision has been taken and a core of diamond appeared when the two police officers and a member of the public took off their uniform and shoes in order to swim to the man, with no life jackets, the trio, carrying a cord, made their path inside the river to a land edge close the stranded man, and from that land edge they succeed to turn the cord to the male that was on the tree. He tied the cord around himself and the other part to the tree, then the officer swam back to the other river edge with the cord so we could attach the cord to the tree on the other side.

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