After being closed for more than six months due to June’s devastating floods, Marakoopa Cave reopened today. It was wide substructure damage because of the flood, which demolished many road bridge and more than 80 75 tons of broken remains had to be removed from the cave entrance, and there is over $1 million has been spent on the Marakoopa region as a side of the flood revival, because Marakoopa Cave was one of the largest tourist beauties in the region. many people are dependent by someway or another on the caves because there is lot of beauties in the place, and it is really disappointing that the road to the Walls of Jerusalem National Park still locked, in time the people need it. Mole Creek Karst is a national park located in the North of Tasmania, Australia, 168 km northwest of Hobart. It is located on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers to the east of the town of Mole Creek. It is the only national park in Tasmania created specially to preserve karst landforms. It is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage place. The National park consist of 12 several blocks of land, some of which are totality rounded by cleared, private land, and many of which whose karst landmarks and cave entry are located outside the range of the park.

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