Minimum 80 persons were wounded, and around 18 with earnest harms, after being associated with a panic escape that happened next a show in Victoria’s Falls Festival, there is no deaths have been announced on account of the mishap. The exact mishap happened little bit prior 11 pm on Friday when a side of the crowd started moving out the Grand Theater stage, to watch international headliner London Grammar in the Arena. The wounded persons were carried fast to hospitals for treatment. 15 people were taken to the Geelong hospital and four to Lorne. statements informed that the panic escape happened on account of small way out doors in comparing to the numbers of the crowd present at the event. The ambulance Victoria State health commander said in a declaration, that they conveyed around 12 women and 7 men to the hospital, mainly with lower limb breaking. wounding consists of leg, rib, hip and pelvic breaking, potential spinal injuries, and many eyewitnesses inform that in the exact moment you can see shoes abandoned here and there and mobile phones crushed. The earliest mishap was notified on Thursday in the front right part of the moshpit through a show by DJ Hot Tub Time Machine about 11 pm on Thursday. The second one happened at 9 pm in the campgrounds whereas the third mishap happened at 2 pm on Friday in the exact period of Illy’s show.

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