A Stawell locals who was mashed in the Falls Festival mega escape has depicted the sight like a battleground, many inanimate bodies of exhausted people here and there in time the medical care started its treatment. Eyewitness inform that the assemble started go out of the Grand Theatre awning when unexpectedly festival pioneers could not move a hand and start missed their toehold, then the assemble continued thrusting him and he glided up and got pulled under the assemble onto the crushed rock down, and there were many legs run over him and there was nothing he could do so he only exclaimed for succor, then a guy he did not know towed him to safe side, after he was beneath the assemble for around a quarter minute, but it was like an perpetuity, he was totally incapable unless somebody assisted him which they by good luck made. (Stawell) is an Australian town in the Wimmera region of Victoria 237 kilometres west-north-west of the state capital, Melbourne. Located within the Shire of Northern Grampians local government region it is a chair of local government for the shire and its main administrative centre. It was founded in 1853 through the Victorian gold rush and is one of little towns in Victoria detained an active gold mining industry. Stawell is famed for the Stawell Gift, a regular foot competition. It is as well-known as the gateway to the Grampians National Park. It is give a name after Sir William Foster Stawell (1815–89), the Chief Justice of Victoria.

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