A proficient midwifery inform that the development is not the main grounds for growing in caesarean wards, in accordance with research related the popular steps to the rising extent of the human brain. The research finished that in order to caesarean wards act instead of natural vaginal birth, it is deactivate human development and women’s pelvises are not developing to keep up with the different sizes of babies being born, but in the same time another voice shows that the exact research does not draw the whole image, and there is a great number of women who have babies in midwifery safekeeping, or by house birth, or in a birth centre medium have more than 84 to 94 percent natural vaginal delivery, and to not concede and surrendering and consider that there is nothing we can do, the fate of development has exceed us, so we must start thinking concerning the idea of care they give birth in, and we must focus more about another serious elements, like fatness and delay the time of making kids.

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