Very powerful penalty and a very appropriate penalty, behaviour like this is totally inadmissible.

A year behind bars for the man who brutally pummeled a kangaroo to death with a crowbar with another guy close to Bunbury. The first man was jailed for 11 months’ while the other was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine, in time, it’s believed to be the first ever jail sentence for someone charged with animal cruelty in WA. The court was shown confronting video footage of the kangaroos’ death in June 2015, which police found on a computer after incursion a home with different reason. The video showed both tow men and a dog apprehending the kangaroo into a dam before the first guy strikes the roo with a crowbar before pulling the animal’s dead body from the dam, and the reason after killed the kangaroo was for food because he had passed through a hard time and used the metal bar because his gun license was seized before two years ago, but the magistrate disagreed with the man claiming there were a great part of animal cruelty, and it seems that you having fun excruciating that kangaroo.

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