In accordance with the death of a man at music festivals from an undisclosed material at a New Year’s Eve rave in southern Queensland, Drug experts have renewed calls for pill-testing easy making, in time the Australian politicians keep reverse to the exact move, saying it would hearten people to start use illicit drugs. The pill testing would be identical technology used by customs, and that is to say that the persons be able to take samples of their drugs to a special team of medics and chemists and examination if the chemicals have given rise to problems in the past or are hazardous to use, and according to an exact research in 2015, around 75 new artificial drugs entered the market, and their effect on the human body in general unbeknown and possible hazardous. Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation president Doctor Alex Wodak is one of the group of drug and health specialists who have been pushing state governments for trials of pill-testing facilities, and he did not thought that any other government state, territory or Commonwealth has indicated a view in support of pill testing or trial of pill testing.

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